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Franklin County Franklin County Drug Task Force

Heroin Overdose Prevention & Education (HOPE) Task Force

The HOPE Task Force combats the heroin epidemic with a multi-pronged approach: enforcement, education, and prevention. We know that fighting addiction and death from drug overdose is a community problem and requires a community solution.

Established in 2016, the Heroin Overdose Prevention & Education Task Force was created as a restructuring of the Franklin County Drug Task Force. Experienced narcotics and homicide detectives working on the HOPE Task Force are treating opiate overdose scenes as crime scenes; investigating the source of the supply that caused the overdose.

In addition, HOPE Task Force collaborates with treatment providers to refer those with substance use disorders to long term treatment. Detectives are armed with the knowledge and partnership of treatment providers in the Franklin County community to help addicts instead of locking them up.

Prevention and education is key to our long term plan and HOPE works closely with the already established and nationally recognized Operation Street Smart to provide awareness of the growing problem.

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